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About Wainscoting

What is Wainscoting and how is Supreme Wainscot different?

Wainscoting has always referred to decorative materials applied to the lower part of interior walls and capped with chair rail mouldings. Typically consisting of solid wood panels and trim, installation of traditional wainscoting requires special skills, tools and attention to detail. Today's Supreme Wainscot Systems makes it easy to reproduce that look of custom wainscot with a complete package of panels, molding & trim. Using patented interlocking edges, no other wall panel system is as effortless to install as Supreme Wainscot. And to make it even easier, not only can you mix-and-match all the Supreme Wainscot panels, battens, chair rail, trim and base moldings, but they're also pre-finished. So, whether you choose a simple beadboard wainscot or go full wall with trim and battens, creating beautiful walls couldn't be easier.

History of Wainscoting

Dating back to 16th century England, wainscoting was originally used to protect delicate plaster or stucco, provide insulation and cover water damage caused by poor construction practices. Traditional wainscoting was constructed of custom milled solid wood beadboard panels and trim. Wainscoting was brought to the United States by early English settlers. As they founded communities across North America, the name took on various other spellings and pronunciations, such as:

  • Wainscoat
  • Wanescote
  • Wanescott
  • Wainscott
  • Wanescoat

Current Trends in Wainscoting

wainscoting beadboard trends

In recent years, trends in wainscoting have shifted. The days of plain floor-to-ceiling paneling have fallen by the wayside. Now, contemporary looking wainscots with accents and details created by battens, chair rails and trim molding are the growing trend. Homeowners can opt for painting wainscots in colors to coordinate with their décor, pre-finished products or can choose their preferred wood species. Current trends show not only widespread use of traditional height wainscot, but an increase in higher wainscots. Popular in upscale homes, designers and homeowners are pairing standard height wainscots with stacked panels and trim to create, half, three-quarter and even full height walls.

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